There are many challenge sites for sharing hand made crafts. Ours is not one of those. Our challenge blog is for those that enjoy digital crafting and want to share their 100% digital work with other digital crafters/artists. 
Thank you for understanding :) 

Challenges will be delivered on the 1st Monday of the month at 9 a.m. GMT. Deadline for submissions is the 1st Sunday of the month at 5 p.m.

When entering our challenges, please use a link to your project and not your entire blog. ~~Absolutely No Back Linking~~ We want to see a new 100% digital project for our challenge, not one you have created and had on your blog prior to our challenge.

You may use any digital products and programs you would like to create a 100% digital. family friendly project. You may also use animation on your creations. Hand colored digital images and printed digital papers or elements used to create tangible, hand crafted projects such as cards will not be considered for our challenge.  

Some digital project ideas include digital scrapbook pages and cards,  timeline covers for social media sites, digital paintings and backgrounds for computer screens. There are many digital art possibilities!

Your creations must be 100% digitally made by you. NO hand made, physical projects! 
Here is a tip: if you must take a photograph of your finished project to share, then it likely is not a completely digital project and is not what our challenge is looking for. Nothing printed and assembled into a tangible item. If it is created on the computer with 100 % digital elements then saved as a digital file such as a jpg or png, then it is something we would like to see shared in our challenge. 

Entries to our challenges are limited to 3 entries per person.

The number of challenges you may enter is 10 including our challenge.

Most importantly, we want you all to HAVE FUN :)

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